We are almost finished with Voting Round 4 in the Ms. Health & Fitness 2019 Competition, so I wanted to get out Recipe 3 / Meal 3 before it ended.   For those of you who missed reading the Special Edition Newsletters with Recipes 1 and 2; I am sharing low-carb recipe creations from my kitchen during the Competition period.

You should try out my Recipe for this Round on Saturday or Sunday for Breakfast or Brunch.  It is simple and you probably have most or all of the ingredients in your home.  The meal is a Sausage Omelet with a Twist for Grits Lovers.  Girts are one of our common Southern breakfast dishes; and typically very filling.  Being a girt lover like I am, it was a disappointing having to replace girts with oatmeal while prepping my body to compete in a Body Building Competition last year.   At that time, I was forbidden from eating girts.  
Now that I’m creating my own meals and meal plans, I have good news for girts lovers.  So keep reading below in the Recipe Ingredients Section.

This recipe shows Girts Lovers how to eat them with an omelet in a low-carb kind of way.

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Inspired to Inspire You,

Rachel Moore

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