About Moore of Rachel, Inc.

“Moore of Rachel, Inc. is a cherished family-run enterprise, embodying the spirit of its founder as both a nurturing mother and an inspiring motivator. The company serves as a conglomerate of diverse subsidiary businesses. Under the MORI brand, we offer a range of multifaceted products that enrich the lives of individuals, families, and entrepreneurs through educational, motivational, and transformative offerings. Our core mission is to craft solutions that enhance the quality and fulfillment of life.

Our journey commenced in 1998, initially crafting a wide array of products, from elegant wedding dresses to stylish window treatments. However, in 2001, we shifted our focus towards creating innovative baby and parenting solutions, with a particular emphasis on mealtimes. The introduction of the Mr. Zippy Coverall Bib, also known as the Zippy Bib, revolutionized the market, offering a practical solution to safeguard infants’ and toddlers’ clothing. To explore our Signature Baby Product Line, please visit (www.zippybib.com).

In 2009, a pivotal moment occurred when our founder invented the ‘Tote-a-Vision,‘ a portable vision board accompanied by a journal. This led to the establishment of ‘Mind Your Vision,’ which, for several years has provided essential resources such as Goal Setting Tools, Success Tips, Techniques, and Training to help individuals manifest the life they envisioned. Over time, many of these resources have been consolidated into two self-help books: ‘Mind Your Vision – 2020 and Beyond’ and ‘Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision’ (www.mindyourvision.com).

The Moore of Rachel, Inc. team is fueled by optimism and a commitment to expanding our services and product line to cater to diverse needs. To learn more about our founder as a Life Coach and Motivator visit the About Rachel page.