About the Company

About Moore of Rachel, Inc.

Moore of Rachel, Inc. is respected as a family business providing multi-faceted products and services that improve the lives of individuals, families and businesses. It is a conglomerate of several subsidiary businesses.

The company got its start in 1998, manufacturing products from wedding dresses to window treatments. In 2001 it changed its course to producing baby and mommy products primarily offering a meal time solution to protect the clothes of infants and toddlers with the Mr. Zippy Coverall Bib, now called Zippy Bib. (www.zippybib.com)

Mind Your Vision featuring the Tote-a-Vision was founded in 2009; providing Goal Setting Tools, Success Tips, Techniques & Training to Create the Life You Envision.  (www.mindyourvision.com)

Creators Imagine, a multi-media production company, produces high quality, creative multi-media content in video, digital animation, graphics design, photo enhancements and more. (www.creatorsimagine.com)

Patent Help 101 provides a low cost solution to protecting your idea or invention.   (www.patenthelp101.com)

The team of Moore of Rachel, Inc. has a bright outlook for the future, and plans to expand its services and product line to meet various needs. Visit us often to see what’s new or sign up for our new product alert notice located on the Home Page.