Sunday, September 6,2015 was the launch of a new season in my life. Here is a video that was recorded live from the family room in my home during my Harvest Cathedral Inspired Minds Life Group. Look at it in it’s entirety because I share how this new season all came about and why the launch on 9/6/15. You will see images of the three signs that I received as confirmation. Less than two weeks ago, I found a journal that I hadn’t touched in 18 years. It tied everything together. Watch this video to see what was in the journal. I also share some things that will help you better understand the seasons in your life.

I want to thank my wonderful sons Jonathan Moore, Jamicah Moore, and Jeremy Moore for helping me to prepare for this moment. They created my Moore of Rachel – Mind Your Vision business logos, photos, cover photos, banners, and filmed and edited the video posted here. They are in business too and can create what you imagine in multi-media. Visit their website to view their porfolio at creators imagine.com