Make Over My Body – 12 Weeks to WOW

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In this program, you will get one-on-one Coaching with Rachel. Experience WOW results in weight loss, form new health and fitness habits, or happiness about your overall health.

Click the Learn More button to see Rachel’s WOW Fitness Journey! As a BONUS Gift, the Manifest More Audio Training Program is Included in the Make Over My Body Program!

Make Over My Body – 12 Weeks to WOW

Bonus Gift Below is Included in Make Over My Body:

Manifest More – An Audio Training Program

Manifest More is a training program that teaches the methods or methodology behind the manifestations.  Learn how to recognize the signs and how to follow divine guidance. It’s all about manifesting more of your dreams, desires, visions, and goals in record timing.

Patent Help 101

Got an Idea that you want to protect? Get the Patent Help 101 Program

Patent Help 101 provides low-cost solutions to protect your inventions or ideas. Through this program, Rachel wears her Inventors Hat to walk you through the process to attain a United States Patent for your invention. Get the Turn-Key package where Rachel does the work for you or allow Rachel to guide you through the process.