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Sewing Community Uses Gifts and Talents

The Face Mask Sewing Community has a Heart to Help! What a great example they are of how using your gifts and talents can have a positive impact. They are using their skills, gifts, and talents to make a difference. Not only are they using their gifts and talents to impact others, but they have also created their own economy with the potential to prosper them and their families, during one of the greatest jobless periods in our history since the Great Depression.

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Find Clarity

Inside Out March 2020 Newsletter Find Clarity During Times of Uncertainty The first quarter of this year went so quickly it was a challenge to keep up. How well did you do on meeting some of the goals that you set out to accomplish during the 1st Quarter in 2020? Maybe you need more clarity …

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MORI Registered Trademark

Now that the Ms. Health & Fitness Competition and the Wounded Warrior Fundraiser is behind me, I can finally share some exciting news.  Exactly two months ago today on July 9, 2019, my company logo (MORI) became an official Registered Trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  Moore of Rachel, Inc is respected …