Speaker & Motivational Life Coach

Rachel Moore is a dynamic keynote speaker renowned for her captivating and distinctive perspective. She empowers her audiences with practical tools to enhance their approach to tackling life’s challenges, resulting in improved outcomes across various domains. With a background in engineering and entrepreneurship, she excels in the realm of managing dual careers. Rachel serves as an expert in inspiring change, fostering motivation, nurturing leadership, promoting personal growth, supporting working mothers, and empowering women in the world of business.

Keynote Topics Include:

  • Influence Your Destiny
  • Dancing with Destiny: The Cues, The Prompts,  The Pauses – It’s All in the Choreography of Your Life
  • Manager Mom – Mind Your Vision – Reclaim Your Identity and Start Fulfilling Dreams with Your Sidekicks 
  • Innovate While You Wait – Empowering Ways to Endure Delays
  • Power Up Your Dreams:  Vision Casting 101


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“Since completing one of Rachel’s live programs, I’ve captured different elements of myself, love, business, family dreams, and desires. During the program, I created my relationship Tote-a-Vision dream board. In less than six weeks, I went from having no one in my life to meeting so many wonderful men, one of whom is now my fiancé. My girlfriends are amazed at me, going from zero to hero in such a short period of time. I’m amazed at the results that I’m getting in my life. I highly recommend this program or anything that Rachel teaches.”
- F.G.
Felecia Green - Macon Bibb Administrative Professional
“As an entrepreneur and a single mom, I’m amazed at what manifested in my son’s life in less than three months of the two of us taking Rachel’s Mind Your Vision live program. We learned several valuable goal setting techniques that we now consistently apply in our life. Some of the very same information we learned is within the Tote-a-Vision Financial Freedom workbook. We have made our Tote-a-Vision dream boards with journal apart of our daily lives. My son wanted to attend a specific private school and the money came almost out of nowhere. He received a paid-in-full scholarship to attend THAT school. He also wanted to learn how to scuba dive and the special for lessons just showed up in my inbox. And lastly, I’ve applied the specific goal setting techniques and my business is growing by leaps and bounds. All I can say is get with the program! It works!” – Tarcia T. – Anti-Aging Specialist
- T. T.
Tarcia Tripp - Executive Director of Aesthetic Anti-Aging Center
"Rachel Moore is the ultimate Manager Mom and an expert in “Minding Your Vision” to help you and your family achieve your goals…no matter how big or small they are. She is inspiring! Her book outlines the steps for using creativity, vision, and a positive mindset to prevail during life struggles, to help your children set and achieve goals, and to build your dream life. Rachel lives what she teaches and literally, everyone can benefit from her wisdom."
- D. W.
Diane Weinsheimer - Organizational Change Management Consultant
“Rachel’s teachings absolutely exceeded my expectations. What I gained most from her seminar was learning about the necessary tools to encourage and cultivate my dreams as well as my children’s dreams and goals. She has motivated me and I am so excited about getting started with my vision board."
- C. S.
Christine Smith - Momtreprenur & Stay-at-Home Mom