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Whether you are a “stay-at-home” working mom inside the home, an momprenuer, or a mom working a job outside of the home; I’ve done it all during different seasons of my life and an equipped to coach you. 

individual coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself!  

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As mothers, whether we’re managing our responsibilities within the home, managing a business from home, or juggling work outside, we find ourselves wearing multiple hats. There are moments when we could use some assistance to navigate through it all. If you’re experiencing overwhelm, stress, a sense of being stuck, undergoing a significant life change, or simply seeking motivation to kickstart a new project, let’s have a conversation.

In our personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll explore various facets of life, including spirituality, habits, health and wellness, stress management, motherhood, work-life balance, career, and beyond.

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If you’re not currently considering a coaching session, my “Mind Your Vision” books might be a valuable option to support you on your journey.   

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Rachel’s coaching absolutely exceeded my expectations. What I gained most from her mind your vision seminar was learning about the necessary tools to encourage and cultivate my dreams as well as my children’s dreams and goals. I am so excited about getting started with my vision board.