With only two Voting Rounds to go, it’s getting tuff, but I know I must keep pushing until I achieve the goal.  From the very beginning of the Competition, I prayed for Divine Guidance and for the Strategy to Win.  The only caveat is that God has been literally wearing my behind out with implementing one piece at a time as it is revealed to me.  During these two Final Rounds, I am asking everyone to please cast a Warrior Vote this week and/or next week.  If you don’t have time to Cast Votes, then maybe you can donate to the GoFundMe Campaign that I created to Help Fund our Warrior Vote Stash.  One of the lessons that I learned in the last Round was you need a stash of cash to Cast Warrior Votes, and here is why.  There was a Casting Warrior Vote War at the end of the first Preliminary Round.  I was 1st in my Group until around 10:45 pm that night and then the War began.  I had certain Spokespersons on watch and they were ready for the command to Cast Warrior Votes.  I was bumped to Runner-up and into the Wildcard Round of the Preliminaries.   I was hoping to rest over the weekend, but instead, I had to Work-IT!  I am extremely grateful for my Spirit Bomb Team and for my Continued Supporters who have been Working IT too!

Since I missed a couple of Recipe Post, I’ve decided to share 3 simple recipes within this Newsletter that can become sides for meals of your choice. It’s a Summer Salsa and Salads Spectacular!  Summer is a great time for light meals or dishes like salads and salsa.  Plus, it’s a great excuse to not heat up the stove when it’s already hot outside.

Get all three salsa and salad recipes, Enter your name and email below and select the Subscribe button. Then, go to your email. You should have an email from “Rachel Moore <rachel@mindyourvision.com>.

(How-to:  Go to the Clock app on your phone, select Edit Alarm, select Repeat, select all days (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun), select the alarm time, Enter Alarm Name as “Vote for Rachel”, Select Save.  Then you are done.  Whenever you the alarm sounds, go to the link and vote).  Your daily votes can help me get to 1st Place.  I really appreciate your on-going support. Click the link to view my profile or to vote.  Thanks.   https://mshealthandfitness.com/2019/rachel-moore

Thank you for your continued support and daily votes. The Semi-Final is Monday, August 5 – 14, and the Final Voting Round is August 14 – 21st. We are almost there to the end. Together, we can Win, so please cast your free vote every 24 hours and Cast Warrior Votes at least once in each Final Round. The best way to remember is to set your phone alarm as a reminder to vote at the same time every day.

Inspired to Inspire You,

Rachel Moore

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