Since several people have asked me how to lose weight and how to lose belly fat, I’ve decided to share some of my Low-Carb meals with everyone. The meals that I cook are both tasty and filling, but your body will burn the food as energy rather than storing it as fat. During each Voting Round period, I will do a Facebook Post of photos for at least one low-carb meal, but to get the full recipe you can subscribe to my special edition recipe newsletter. You will get the recipe in your email immediately after you click the Subscribe button from shown below.

Summer is a great time to grill food. I cooked Lamb Burgers with Portabella Mushroom as the Buns on the grill. Some of the lamb burger ingredients are shown in the photo. The full recipe, the missing ingredient, as well as the toppings, are shared in my Special Recipe Edition Newsletter.

To get the full recipe, Enter your name and email below and select the Subscribe button. Then, go to your email. You should have an email from “Rachel Moore <rachel@mindyourvision.com>.

If you follow me on Instagram @mooreofrachelinc, you can see photos of the entire meal with recommended side dishes.

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Inspired to Inspire You,

Rachel Moore

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