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Over the past decade, my family and I have created a Family Vision Board to reflect our family goals each year. The creative process usually takes at least a half day, so we named our vision board day “Family Visioning Day.”  It’s a time where we think about the things that we want to happen in our life individually and collectively as a family for the year.  Then we write down our thoughts in bullet form on paper.  Writing your vision is an important step in finding clarity and in defining what you want.  What’s important to you?  What do you want for yourself and for your family in 2020?   

We created our first family vision board in 2010.  I am a mother of four sons (one set of twins) and at that time they were ages13, 10, 10, and 4.  Our major focus as a family in 2010 was family vacations and doing monthly activities as a family.  My kids’ dreams for the year was to do a lot of FUN STUFF, like laser tag, bowling, picnicking, biking, touring Downtown Atlanta, and going to Disney and to the Beach.  Since my three oldest sons were into competing in Technology Fairs and Film Festivals, my dream was expose them to the Christian filmmaking Industry.  I knew it would cost lots of CA$H for our family of six to fly out to Arizona, but I also knew that the money was not in our budget.  We were living on my salary since my husband was still looking for work.  His answer was no, we can’t go, but my heart did not accept no as our final answer.  I knew that all things are possible to the one who believes.  Amazingly, the money came from the most unexpected source. We stayed in a five star resort and had money left over after our trip to invest into savings.  A large portion of our board was focused on giving Praise to God.  We gave thanks and praise to Him throughout the year for His awesome prevision,.

Our Family Focus Vision Board in 2010:

The one thing that I will emphasize is to capture the moments as your vision or dream unfolds and comes to pass with dates, notes, and more.  Within my Tote-a-Vision Journal for 2010, I captured all of the milestones and the things that happened in regards to our 2010 Family Vision.  Amazingly, everything that we had on our Vision Board happened that year and I have pictures, journal notes, and even handwritten notes from my oldest son(who was 13 at that time) listing each activity that he and his brothers wanted to experience in 2010.  I also attached airline tickets, movie tickets, and more within my Tote-a-Vision Journal to show that how our year unfolded and captured how our dreams came true that year.  On January 4, 2020, before starting our Family and Friends Visioning Day this year, we reflected on each of our vision boards that we created over the past ten years.  It was neat having my journal to show them the details of what took place.  My youngest son especially benefited from flipping through my journal because he was too young to remember what happened at 4 years old. 

Within this digital age, we capture moments on our smart phones and smart devices, but often fail to write down those milestones or even collect momentous along the way.  Since it’s so easy to loose digital photos and videos, I challenge you to put a more concert methods in place this year to record or capture special your life events.

Now that three of my sons are in college, our family focus is finding meaningful ways to connect.  Our 2020 Family Vision Board reflects all the ways we desire to connect this year.  Praying together is placed in the center of our board because prayer is a connection that makes a stronger family.  We connect over phone conversations and Group FaceTime calls.  “Let There Be Light” is our desire for God’s presence and guidance to be with us as we Live, Work, and Play.  We will also connect as we celebrate each other’s outstanding achievements throughout the year. We look forward to connecting this year through family adventures, family road trips, movie nights, art exhibits, music, and dining out; all to Make Moore HAPPY Memories!

Our Family Connection Focus Vision Board for 2020:

What is your family vision for 2020?  If you haven’t talked about it, the year is still young.  Take time to have a family discussion about your desires as a family and as individuals.  The focus for my Inside Out Empowerment Newsletters this year is to motivate and inspire you to not only clarify your vision, but to see your dreams come to pass too! 

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Scripture: Habakkuk 2:2 “Then the Lord answered me, and said, Write the Vision and make it plain on tablets, that he who reads it may run with it.”

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