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Vision 2022

Join in on the Virtual Party 2022 Virtual Family & Friends Vision Board Party You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.  Part one is to get everyone started in the visioning process.  Feel free to invite your family and friends to this creative session. When: Saturday, Jan 1, 2022   Time: 2 PM EST …


Rebranding in Progress

Rebranding in Progress…. Quarterly Empowerment Calls are cancelled for the remainder of the year. We are making changes to our websites, social media sites, and to our overall message to help consolidate the Moore of Rachel, Inc brand. Stay connected through our monthly newsletters and on social media to track our progress.


Marketing your Message– 4th Quarter 2018 News – Inside Out Empowerment

 The Newsletters for 4th Quarter (October, November and December) are combined into one, all for one focus:  “Marketing Your Message.”  Before we go into the topic for this Quarter, let’s recap the overall themes for each quarter this year. 1st Quarter   –   Clarify Your Vision 2nd Quarter  –   Build Your Brand 3rd Quarter   –   Prepare Your Platform 4th Quarter   –   Market Your Message Marketing is …