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Goals Achievement

SWOT Your Goals

Our lives are like puzzles, and it’s a challenge trying to fit everything in that we want.  We have difficult situations to deal with or we have to deal with difficult people.  We all experience moments of discouragement because none of our lives are perfect.  We can’t allow those Imperfect things to prevent us from …

Obstacles, Obstacles create Opportunities
Goals Achievement

Obstacles Create Opportunites

Embarrassed?  Yes!  Frustrated?  Of Course!  Will I let that stop me? Absolutely NOT!  So, what am I referring to?  On last Thursday, due to technical difficulties, the Ann Haney interview scheduled for the Inside Out Living Show did not occur.  Her interview has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 26rd at 8pm EST.  Just as planned …

Goals Achievement

The Wisdom Effect

The Aftereffect of the Wisdom Effect… “The Wisdom Effect will bring you, a piece of Heaven.  You’ll have Health, Harmony, Happiness, and your Hopes will be fulfilled. You will have Hallelujah moments of thanksgiving and Hallmark moments that you will always cherish. It will bring you Honor and riches.  And you will have the Heart to …