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Over your lifetime, have you ever spent time plotting out a cleaver April Fool’s joke or prank? This year some well known companies put a lot of effort in planning our their April Fools prank.

Check out the article on this link:http://time.com/5560878/best-april-fools-pranks-2019/

Now that April 1st is well past us, I want to inspire you to “April Fuel” your body, mind, and spirit. The month of April is the first full month of Spring and is known for its April Showers. Along with the spring rain comes an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables. Healthy food is a form of fuel for our body. Here are a few April Foods from the Garden.

Right now, my top three on the list to cook within my weekly meals are 1. Broccoli, 2. Cauliflower, and 3. Spinach. Riced cauliflower is one of my favorite foods now.

The best way to preserve the vital nutrients that in these vegetables that gives you fuel and energy is to serve them raw, steamed, roasted in oven, or even as a healthy juice drink.

Good nutritious food not only provides fuel to your body, but to your mind as well.

Another way to fuel your mind is to read more. Read wholesome literature and inspirational self-help books. I personally fuel my mind and spirit daily with scriptures, which bring clarity of thought and cultivates new ideas. Writing down and reciting positive affirmations can also stimulate your mind and spirit. What things are you doing to fuel your body, mind, and spirit?

If you desire change or improvement in any area within your life, it will require you sowing seeds of faith in that area of your life. Those seeds of faith are literally actions, some form of action steps taken towards your desired result. For instance, eating healthy is one of the seeds sown towards a wellness goal.

How are you coming along with tracking your numbers? Below are the Track IT Tips from last month’s newsletter:

1. Weight – know your body weight – use as a baseline to modify workouts or food intake
2. Fitness Activity – workouts (type and time) – track exercise activity – examples – cardio, strength training, etc. 
3. Caloric Intake – total Calories (Carbs, Fat, Protein)
4. Changes in your body (measure waist, hips, etc) track the areas you want to either loose or to gain
5. BMI – Body Mass Index or your body fat percentage based on muscle mass

Keep me posted on your fitness progress by posting comments on this newsletter post on my mooreofrachel.com site. Just look for the “Start Your Own Movement & Track It” image or post title.

Resource of the Month

Rachel’s Top 10 Low-Carb Recipes

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Food & Fitness Tummy Taming Tip of the Month

Juice your Fruits and Vegetables to add Fuel to your Smoothies.

Inspiration to reach your health and fitness goals: 
Click here to read the details of my challenge and success in trimming my tummy over a short period of time. 

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