Embarrassed?  Yes!  Frustrated?  Of Course!  Will I let that stop me? Absolutely NOT!  So, what am I referring to?  On last Thursday, due to technical difficulties, the Ann Haney interview scheduled for the Inside Out Living Show did not occur.  Her interview has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 26rd at 8pm EST.  Just as planned for the show last week, Ann and I will discuss “Discovering Purpose and Mindsets that Move Mountains!We celebrate Mothers in the month of May. Share this post with all the mothers you know so that they can be encouraged, inspired, and empowered. To listen in on the live interview, call (478) 250-9799.  Below, I share a few lessons learned about obstacles.  Disguised within obstacles are opportunities.

IOLS_Rescheduled_May26 Guest_Ann Haney

For the past three months, we’ve experienced technical issues when broadcasting the Inside Out Living Show live online. The technicalities occurred either on my end or on the end of my show guest.  Those technical issues became obstacles that either delayed the start of the show, caused a necessity to re-record the show, or resulted in rescheduling of the show all together.  Obstacles are no fun, because they break your flow and can temporarily interrupt progress.  Obstacles can shake your soul to the core. They upset your emotions, intimidate your will, and challenge your mind.  But, we have to shake off those feelings of embarrassment, push through the frustration, and press into the opportunities that lie before us.  Whenever an obstacle occur, it educates you on how to prevent or outwit it the next time around.  You tend to get “smarter” when you face them head-on. You become the victor and not the victim when you expand your mind to grow in knowledge and build new skills, new methods, and new techniques to overcome the obstacle.  Once you press through the hard growth pains, you become a better you and your results will improve as well.  Obstacles create Opportunities!

I’ve decide that OBSTACLES are Opportunities to Build new Strategies and Techniques that Advance your Capabilities and Lead you into Effective Solutions!  Over the next couple of weeks I plan to explore other media platforms and techniques that would hopefully eliminate the technical woes with broadcasting the shows. As I try new things, I may invite you to follow along. Then we can explore and learn together; so Grow with Me, Go with Me.

Obstacles acronym

Until further notice, the live online Inside Out Living Show on BLAB, is being moved to my Conference Broadcasting Line: (478) 250-9799, same day and time, on the 3rd Thursdays of each month at 8pm EST.  Listeners will still be able to ask the show guest questions at the end of the interview.  On a brighter note, I believe that more listeners will be able to join in because wifi or internet connections are not required to call into the show.

As a quick reminder, my monthly Inside Out Empowerment Call is this Tuesday,

IOEC Logo 1400x1400May 24th at 9pm EST.  IOEC Logo 1400x1400

I will be teaching about “Exercise Your Faith.”  It may seem like an elementary topic, but it’s something that we all need to do more often.  I have some key nuggets to share with you, so get ready, and join me on the call.

Until next time, Mind Your Vision and remember, Faith Works When You Work It!

Inspired to Inspire You,



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