swot-puzzleOur lives are like puzzles, and it’s a challenge trying to fit everything in that we want.  We have difficult situations to deal with or we have to deal with difficult people.  We all experience moments of discouragement because none of our lives are perfect.  We can’t allow those Imperfect things to prevent us from Improving or to prevent us from focusing on the things that are important. If things are not working well for us in an area, we need to figure out why?  So let’s SWOT it out!

Join me on the call tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 22nd at 9pm EST for my “Inside Out Empowerment” Call. (Dial 478-250-9799, no pin required.) I will be teaching how to “SWOT Your Goals.” We are down to the11th hour of the 11th month of 2016. Do you feel that the year has slipped through your hands? Have you made ground or lost ground regarding the different areas in your life? Your desires, wishes, hopes, and dreams will remain static mental imprints until given life through establishing dynamic goals. Maybe you set your goals and took action, but your desired results are still a vapor.

Tune in to the broadcast to discover ways to access your goals and adjust your goals to succeed at your goals.

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