12 Character Pillar Activity Worksheets

Plus Activity Journal Coversheet for Notebook

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The kid’s Activity Worksheets include a “My Character Pillars Activity Journal” coversheet and two Activity Worksheets for each Character Pillar.

Below is a download button for the “Exploration Worksheet” to use when your child needs more space to pastedown all of the images that they cut out.

Below are links to a webpage for each Fun Activity! You will find suggested supplies and materials to help you prepare for each activity. As you will see in your parent instruction guide, there is an activity for each Character Pillar within the kit.

Also, the activity page links will be emailed to you as a reminder to plan and gather your supplies prior to each activity. The emails are sent from rachel@mooreofrachel.com. Please Note: if you have not received an email yet, check your junk mail to be sure that it didn’t go there. For questions or issues with accessing anything that you ordered in this kit, send an email to rachel@mooreofrachel.com

Use the Exploration Overflow Worksheet, and print extra copies as needed

Links to Activity Web-Pages

Click on each link to view the suggested supplies and materials list for the Activity for the Character Pillar. Also, look out for reminder emails that include groups of Activity links to help you prepare for your family fun.

Character Pillar 1: Faith and Belief

Activity – Paint or Draw

  • Painting Kit for Kids

Character Pillar 2:  Respect

Activity – Lego Building

Character Pillar 3: Self-Control

Activity – Yoga

Character Pillar 4: Love

Activity – Reading – Storytime

Character Pillar 8:  Courage

Activity Dancing      

Character Pillar 9: Perseverance

Activity Play Ball

Character Pillar 10: Forgiveness

Activity Water Fun Day

Character Pillar 11:  Giving to Others

Activity Baking and Sharing

Character Pillar 12: Positive Attitude

Activity Organize My Space

Bonus: Aspirations – What I want to be        

Activity – Play Dress Up – Think Big – Dream Big

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