Character Pillar 3: Self-Control & Self-Discipline

“Stretch into Self-Control”

Self-discipline and self-control are very important ingredients for any form of success. It is a very useful skill needed in life.  Self-control requires us to pay close attention to our actions or reactions. When someone says something upsetting to you, how do you respond?  When you don’t get your way or get what you want right now, how do you respond? Like stretching your body into different positions, you will learn to stretch your attention to focus more on how you can better respond to things that don’t go your way. 

Activity – Yoga Stretching

Activity Suggested Supplies or Materials:

Be sure to purchase your yoga mats and beginners’ yoga DVD or the fun yoga for kids DVD prior to the activity. The moment has finally come for you to stretch beyond your comfort zone or your current body limitations into a place of more flexibility while teaching your child or children the positive character trait of self-control. You can find at local retail stores or use the links below to purchase and receive in two days by mail. Click “Go” to view each item on Amazon.com. Watch

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  • Yoga Stretch Beginner’s Video (DVD)
  • Kid’s Yoga DVDs
  • Yoga Mats 

Please Note: If you order the item shown below, it will take longer to arrive because it is not a “Prime” shipping item, so give yourself a little more time to plan for your yoga stretching activity. Suggetion: Check the “Arrive or Fastest Delivery Date” before making your purchase.