Character Pillar 1: Faith and Belief

“Paint a Picture of Your Faith”

This pillar lays the foundation for all other pillars and will help you shape your child’s faith and belief on a biblical foundation.  They will grow to learn that to have faith is to believe without doubting. A picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s time to paint a picture of your faith.    It’s time to paint an image that represents your core faith and beliefs.  Share with your child some of the things that you hope and a desire to manifest in your life and family. Maybe paint or draw something that represents your core beliefs and of something that you desire and have faith to believe for your family.

Activity – Paint or Draw

Activity Suggested Supplies or Materials:

Be sure to purchase painting supplies to have in time for activity. Below are the recommended Painting kits that you can choose from for children starting at ages 3 and up. Click “Go” to view each item on Amazon.com.

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  • Painting Kit for Kids
  • Washable Markers for Kids