Character Pillar 8: Courage & Self-Confidence

“Dance Up Some Courage”

Courage is the thing we need when we are faced with doing something new.  When something appears challenging or hard, we need the courage to give it a try.  When faced with fear, we need the courage to push through the fear.  It is time to dance up some courage.

Activity – Dancing

Activity Suggested Supplies or Materials:

Clear out a space to make way for your dance floor. Choose your own music to have a dance-off with your kids or turn your dancing into a family workout by using an instructional dance workout video. Then you and your kids can learn the moves together. If you want to go with the video option, be sure to purchase the video and other items in enough to have them in time for your dancing up some courage activity. You can use the links below to purchase and receive it in two days by mail. Click the item to view on Amazon.com.

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  • Dance – Workout Videos

  • Dance Party Light

  • Sing & Dance with a Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with Lights