Character Pillar 4: Love

“Fall in Love with Reading”

The word “love” is used in so many ways.  You could say you love your pet, you love your parents, but you might also say you love ice cream or love riding your bike.  So how do we really define love? Love is expressed in various ways, so let us explore.

Activity – Reading & Storytime

Activity Suggested Supplies or Materials:

Be sure to purchase your book or books to receive in time for the reading or for storytime activity. The moment has finally come for you to stretch beyond your comfort zone or your current body limitations into a place of more flexibility while teaching your child or children the positive character trait of self-control. You can find at local retail stores or use the links below to purchase and receive in two days by mail. Click “Go” to view each item on Amazon.com. Watch

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  • Hardcover Book – I’ve Loved You Since Forever 
  • Kindle Version – I’ve Loved You Since Forever
  • Audio Book – I’ve Loved You Since Forever

Use Phonics to Help Your Child Fall in Love with Reading.

A Note from the At-Home Summer Camp Program Developer:

As a mother of four sons, I know from experience that every child is different, even if two of them are twins. My twin sons were like night and day. Reading came easy for one, while the other one struggled, but the use of phonics helped to save the day. Hooked on Phonics is a program that was adopted into our family early on after our first son was born. I purchased the entire program for all stages of learning and used it for each of my sons to develop their love for reading. Since then, the program has evolved from the use of books and cassette tapes to a combination of using books, CDs, and online learning. Below are links to purchase the same program for different ages.

As you use this program, you will see your child’s eyes fill with excitement as they learn to read. You will also see their confidence grow as their reading skill evolve. You will see them fall in love with reading.

I would love to hear how this program works for you. Here’s to your success in helping your child (grandchild or student) fall in love with reading.

Inspired to Inspire Others,

Rachel L. Moore

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Sets

Learn to Read – Levels 1 & 2 for Pre-K (Ages 3 & 4)

Learn to Read – Levels 3 & 4 – Kindergarten / Ages 4-6

Learn to Read – Levels 5 & 6 for 1st Grade – Ages 6-7

Learn to Read – Levels 7 & 8 for 2nd Grade – Ages 7-8