Hopefully, you are ready for some fun! Over the past several months the focus has been on the more serious kind of work as you clarified your vision for an idea, product, business or service. Last month I challenged you to do some soul searching and research to choose a name for your business, product, or service. Before we go into the topic for this month, let’s recap the overall themes for each quarter in 2018.

1st Quarter – Clarify Your Vision
2nd Quarter – Build Your Brand
3rd Quarter – Prepare Your Platform
4th Quarter – Market Your Message

Now “It’s Design Time.” It’s time to awaken the creative side of your brain. If you are challenged with creativity, its okay. Maybe you need a little inspiration. You can always utilize the creativity of others or become inspired by seeing something that relates to your vision.

There are a couple of things that are regularly used to build a brand, such as logos, business cards, and websites. Each of those things require some level of creativity in order to design it. A logo can be used to brand both your business card or website. So, let’s focus on logos. When it comes to designing logos, you want to choose a design that best define you, your product, and/or service. Your logo can include elements that convey a message or carry a symbolic meaning. For example my Moore of Rachel, Inc. logo incorporates a butterfly. By

Mori Logo 580x290

nature, butterflies are symbolic of transformation. A part of my company mission is to transform the lives of others through the products and services that we offer. “Moore Creations to Change the World” is tagline for the company website. Change is a synonym for transformation.

Here are a few Tips to Designing Your Logo

  • Select elements or objects that can convey your message
  • Choose one or two elements that can be combined into an image to create the logo
  • Choose your desired color palette (variants of the same color or different solids)
  • Be unique and avoid the copy-cat syndrome (be inspired by others, but don’t copy)
  • Choose a standard font that fits your style or get a designer to customize a font for your logo
  • Bring balance and symmetry to your design by using concepts from The Golden Ratio
  • Hire a graphic designer and allow them to bring your logo to life

Use these tips to help refresh an existing logo or to create a new logo to build your brand. Tune in on my quarterly call for 2nd Quarter, which will occur on Thursday, June 28th at 9pm ET. I will be wrapping up the Build Your Brand theme with an extra personal inspiration and empowerment twist.

Resource of the Month

Need help creating a logo or brining your the design that you imagine to life? Creators Imagine can help.
Creators Imagine Website

Inspiration Station

Listen in as Show Host Rachel Moore and guest Kathleen, an image and style consultant, discuss the “4 Steps to a Powerful Personal Image”. Have you ever wanted to transform how people view you or even how you view yourself? How do you want to be perceived? Kathleen will share some Do’s and Don’ts to creating a powerful personal image.

4 Steps to a Powerful Personal Image Part 1 with Guest Kathleen Audet:


 4 Steps to a Powerful Personal Image Part 2 with Guest Kathleen Audet:


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Quarterly 2018 Inside Out Empowerment Call Schedule:

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2nd Quarter – Thursday, June 28th – 9pm EST
3rd Quarter – Thursday, September 27th – 9pm EST
4th Quarter – Thursday, December 27th – 9pm EST

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This year, my plan is to connect with you at least once a month via newsletter, my blog and/or on Facebook.com/mindyourvision. The monthly newsletters thiw year will guide you on your journey to get your vision off the ground.  At times I will also provide a brief update on the happenings in my life and business, and to provide you with recommended resources.  Important tips and teachings will be listed within the Inspiration Station section of the newsletters to assist you in reaching your life matrix goals this year.

I plan to host only one Empowerment Call per Quarter, unless the need arise to have additional calls under special circumstances.

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