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Do Your Research

In the January Newsletter, I laid out a plan to walk you through the steps on how to take an idea, a skill, a product, or service from concept to cash. The monthly newsletters this year will follow a quarterly theme. Each Quarter will focus on a different “How to…” theme.

1st Quarter – Clarify Your Vision
2nd Quarter – Build Your Brand
3rd Quarter – Prepare Your Platform
4th Quarter – Market Your Message

Last month, we focused on the first step to Clarify Your Vision, which is to Write the Vision. You were challenged to write the vision that you have about your idea, or about how you would like to use your skills to serve others or to do make a difference in the world around you. The next step to Clarifying Your Vision is to “Do Your Research.” Doing your research will help shape and mold that thing that you desire to create. Right now it may be just a concept or an idea. But now, it’s time to do some discovery work. It’s time to find out who is already doing what you desire to do or to see if your product or service concept already exist. Then you can determine how you might make a product better. If it is a service that someone else provides that interest you, then you can choose to model them to give you a jump start.

While doing your research, you will discover and define your competition. If it’s a product, list the product and everything that you find out about it. Where is it sold, what is the sales price, and who buys it? Determine the logistics and demographics about your competition’s product or service. If it’s a service, then what business model do they use; is it online based, brick & mater or a combination of both?

Define your secret sauce. What makes your idea, product, or service different than the competition? Why would someone want what you have to offer over your competition’s offer? What is so special or unique about your idea, product or service? Will it offer more convenience or solve additional problems that’s not currently offered by your competition?

All of the above questions should be considered during your research period. Don’t leave a page unturned. You must study to show yourself approved. Research and study to gather enough information about the idea, product, or service, so that you position yourself for the coming testing period. Answer the questions because you will need to use the content later when it’s time to formalize your vision into a plan.

In the March Newsletter, I will share the final step to Clarify Your Vision. Clarity is what we all need! Within my book Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision, I dedicate an entire chapter on where you need clarity in the four quadrants of your life.

Resource of the Month

New Book Release

Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision” – Transforming Your Life Inside Out

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Manager Mom MYV - Book Cover

Beginning of book Introduction:

It was a long drive. Our bodies were tired, and we were happy to check into the hotel. After what seemed like only a few minutes of rest, I was awakened at 4:30 in the morning by a phrase ringing in my head, and it would not go away. Since I could not sleep, I sat up in bed and began to type the words that flowed from my mind as fast as I could capture them. “Manager Moms” was the phrase. In this book, you will learn what “mind your vision” is all about. A manager mom is who I am, and “mind your vision” is what I do to live a life of fulfillment. As you read this book, you may recognize a part of yourself in my story. Regardless of where you are in life, once a mom, always a mom. You, too, are a manager mom.

Ending of book Introduction:

My “mommy mission” and the vision for my sons to fulfill their purpose is still unfolding. Helping your children manage and navigate through life is a large part of being a “manager mom.” You manage your household, school projects, meals, and vacations. Maybe like me, you manage dual careers, and the list goes on. We are true “manager moms.” There is more to a manager mom’s role that we will explore in future writings. The intent of this book is to showcase how any mom can transform her life from inside out to live a life of fulfillment. Start with claiming your “manager mom” title. Let us begin the journey to “mind your vision.”

Inspiration Station

Listen in as Rachel shares “Potential is Essential for this February.”

Did you know that there is untapped potential dwelling on the inside of you? Through this teaching you will find out how to Discover and Develop Potential. It’s Essential to becoming all that you were created to Be! It’s Essential to the fulfillment of your destiny. You can become more, regardless of your past and present circumstances.

Potential is Essential to the achievement of your goals and dreams. Potential is Essential to the fulfillment of your destiny and living out purpose in your life.

Knowing your potential does change your life … by helping you understand what you can excel at and who you can become. Knowing your potential allows you to overcome challenges and make your dreams come true…

Potential is Essential Part 1:


Potential is Essential Part 2:


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This year, my plan is to connect with you at least once a month via newsletter, my blog and/or on Facebook.com/mindyourvision. The monthly newsletters will be to provide a brief update on the happenings in my life and business, and to provide you with recommended resources.  Important tips and teachings will be listed within the Inspiration Station section of the newsletters to assist you in reaching your life matrix goals this year.

I plan to host only one Empowerment Call per Quarter, unless the need arise to have additional calls under special circumstances.

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