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On Monday, August 21st we experienced 95% of a Total Eclipse in the
IMG_6135middle Georgia area . It was amazing to see how much sunshine / sunlight is actually emitted by only 5% of the sun when it was covered by the moon. I was reminded of something that I tell myself and carry in my heart every day, which is to remember to carry your sunshine with you in your heart, your smile, your attitude, and actions regardless of the weather outside. Even when things or situations come to block your sunshine, keep shining because even your 5% will be a light to someone around you; so, Let Your Light Shine!

How an Eclipse Affects Your Soul Shine

The eclipse of the moon covering the sun is a perfect example of what happens when something cast a shadow or covers the things that make your soul shine. When your mind and emotions are filled with hope and anticipation, your soul shines bright. While on the other hand, doubt or fear which is the two biggest sunshine busters, will cast a shadow over your heart and soul. When this happens, your mood and attitude can transition from warm to cool to the point others can see or sense the difference. For future reference, whenever your soul feels sad or down cast instead of feeling happy, you can now recognize it as a soul eclipse.

Three Tips to Overcome a Soul Eclipse:

1. Sing – whenever my mood change to cool or my emotions become troubled, I usually begin to sing a song to encourage my soul. Singing can help stabilize your emotions and cause feelings of joy to return.

2. Single out the Culprit – take a quick assessment of your most recent thoughts. What were you thinking about before you started to feel down or before your mood changed? Ask your-self how can you change your perspective about what your where thinking or concerned about; then refocus your thoughts on a better alternative.

3. Set and Reset – set your heart on the promise or on a goal and reset your focus on the things that you can control to make your life better and to make progress towards your goal.

As I stated within my new book “Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision,” “create a goal to make your soul whole, what are you doing to become your best self?” Remove the shadows, and SHINE.


Resource of the Month

New Book Release

“Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision” – Transforming Your Life Inside Out

Manager Mom Mind Your Vision Book | Moore of Rachel, Inc.

Manager Mom MYV - Book Cover
 Beginning of book Introduction:
It was a long drive. Our bodies were tired, and we were happy to check into the hotel. After what seemed like only a few minutes of rest, I was awakened at 4:30 in the morning by a phrase ringing in my head, and it would not go away. Since I could not sleep, I sat up in bed and began to type the words that flowed from my mind as fast as I could capture them. “Manager Moms” was the phrase. In this book, you will learn what “mind your vision” is all about. A manager mom is who I am, and “mind your vision” is what I do to live a life of fulfillment. As you read this book, you may recognize a part of yourself in my story. Regardless of where you are in life, once a mom, always a mom. You, too, are a manager mom.
Ending of book Introduction:
My “mommy mission” and the vision for my sons to fulfill their purpose is still unfolding. Helping your children manage and navigate through life is a large part of being a “manager mom.” You manage your household, school projects, meals, and vacations. Maybe like me, you manage dual careers, and the list goes on. We are true “manager moms.” There is more to a manager mom’s role that we will explore in future writings. The intent of this book is to showcase how any mom can transform her life from inside out to live a life of fulfillment. Start with claiming your “manager mom” title. Let us begin the journey to “mind your vision.”
 The problem in the world today is that 92 percent of people don’t achieve their goals and are living unfulfilled lives. Many of those people are moms who are managing much wearing multiple hats.
As a Manager Mom: I want to help you and your family mind your vision to transform your life inside out. Here are three ways to achieve your goals and dreams…no matter how big or small they are:
1. You need to get clarity about what you really want
2. You’ve got to loose control to get control
3. You’ve got to take appropriate action to get where you want to go

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