Moore of Rachel provides creative solutions that make life more enjoyable and fulfilling. The company is an extension of the founder, Rachel, as a mom and motivator.

Creative Solutions to make “Life” less messy, not just at mealtimes!  Through Rachel Moore’s life experiences as a wife, mom, homemaker, engineer, and entrepreneur, she knows first-hand how life can cause us to wear multiple hats.

Rachel invented the Mr. Zippy bib to solve messy mealtimes. When she couldn’t find a bib long enough to keep her twin baby’s clothes clean from food that fell onto their laps, she became determined to create a bib that would solve her problem, and it did!

As a mentor and motivator, my passion is to empower moms and young women to develop a vision that transforms day-to-day problems into new potential and have a purposeful happy life.

The MORI brand offers multi-faceted products that enhance individuals’, families’, and entrepreneurs’ lives through educational, inspirational, and transformational products and programs. Browse our Solutions for Mom-Life, Self-Help in Life Goals, and for a Healthy Fit Body.

21-Day Mindset Makeover

Our Character Bibs

Our New Mr. Zippy Bib designs are so cute. The waterproof fabrics are super soft. Visit zippybib.com to view details of the new signature bib designs.

Connected to a Cause

Our Not-for-Profit “Joyful Life Motivation” provides mentorship to emotionally and physically taxed moms and to young adults to prepare them to be successful homemakers and career leaders. Women are the core of our families. You can make a difference in keeping the core of families healthy and strong. 

Each purchase made through Moore of Rachel contributes to sustaining the core of families. Proceeds from each sale support this mission.

Mom Life Solutions

Moore help for Moms – Baby Care Essentials

Moms, you are not alone.  Let Rachel help you make life less messy and enjoy more moments with your child/children.

Visit our exclusive Mr. Zippy Products site at zippybib.com or Amazon Store.

Self-Help Solutions for Life Goals

Self-Help Solutions – Mind Your Vision

Learn to lead your family in setting personal and family goals that will transform your family time into unforgettable moments that you all will treasure for a Lifetime! There is power in agreement! The twenty chapters of Mind Your Vision walk you through each step to transform your dreams and goals into reality. Together, you will witness your dreams and goals unfold before your eyes.

  • Mind Your Vision 2020 & Beyond – a self-help book
  • Free Family Visioning Activity Sheet
  • Free-Mini Course

Click the image below to learn more about how to Mind Your Vision.

Manifest More – Self-Help Audio Course

Fit Body Solutions

Rachel won 1st and 4th Place titles in a National Natural Southern Bodybuilding Competition. She also finished as a Semi-Finalist in a National Ms. Health & Fitness Competition.  Get her Low Carb Recipes and learn techniques to trim your tummy!  Click below to learn more.

Rachel finished as a Semi-Finalist in the National Ms. Health & Fitness 2019 Competition. Get her Low Carb Recipes or Learn how to trim your tummy at www.mooreofrachel.com

Make Over My Body – 12 Weeks to WOW

Food & Fitness Program – Experience WOW Results in weight loss, in forming new habits, or in your overall health.  Start Your WOW NOW! 

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