Top 10 Low-Carb Recipies V1

Rachel’s Top 10 Recipes for Low-Carb Living – Volume 1.
This first selection of recipes has been tested and tasted by Rachel and family. They are guaranteed to please your taste buds and tummy!


For many years I have practiced having a healthy, fit body through moderate exercise and eating somewhat “healthy.” However, even though I am petite with a small frame, I still had belly fat issues.  Having a love for high carb foods such as pastas, rice, white potatoes and my sweet tooth did not help.   

My eating habits changed after a couple of friends who are professional bodybuilders challenged me to compete in an all-natural bodybuilding competition.  That challenge pushed me beyond limits in my body where I discovered new strengths and potential.  

After surpassing my goal to lose belly fat and to firm up my abs, I transitioned into living a Low Carb lifestyle, which helps me maintain what I worked so hard to attain. Since that lifestyle transition, I have experienced a transformation in forming new cooking and eating habits.  Through my journey to find delicious recipes that were palatable to my food cravings, I discovered recipes that not only taste good, but they also keep your body in a fat burning state so that you can keep off the weight. 

The recipes included in this Volume 1 eBook have been tried and proven DELICIOUS!  I have cooked and enjoyed each recipe multiple times.  Now, it is your turn!

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To Your Wellness,

Rachel Moore