Face Mask Featured on Fox 24 – WGXA News


LIZELLA, Ga. — Rachel Moore is an engineer, but when she’s out of the office she is passionate about sewing.

Moore has been a seamstress for over 30 years. When her coworkers began asking for masks to wear while at work, she raised her hand and offered to make them.

There are many different types of protective face masks. The kind that Moore constructs has a nose wire and filter pocket. The nose wire helps the mask stay in place and the filter pocket allows the user to easily insert and remove a breathable fabric of their choice.

As an engineer, Moore is used to performing quality and safety checks on products before making them available to the public. To check her own DIY masks, she put them in the washer and dryer to see how well they held up.

“I found that just sewing around the nose wire does not keep it in place and it can turn it into a safety hazard,” she says while demonstrating on a mask.

The loose wire can poke the wearer in the face or scrunch up to one side, making the mask unwearable. After this discovery, Moore created a free sewing guide to help other seamstresses who are stepping up to help out the community.

“I felt it was important to share what I found to help others so that we won’t, out of a desire to help cause a safety hazard.”

You can find the sewing guide here.