Wired to Inspire:

Rachel’s mission is to help release people into freedom within multiple areas of life; to Inform, Inspire, Influence, and Ignite others to appropriate action towards creating an incredibly fulfilled life of passion, purpose, abundance, and success.

Watch this video as others share how their lives have been impacted.

“I highly recommend the Tote-a-Vision to Financial Freedom Package because it gets you focused on the things that matters most to you and you get amazing results. I was having a hard time to finding tenants for my rental properties. After completing the financial freedom workbook, I stayed focused on what I wanted to attract. Within two weeks all of the rooms of my properties were rented out.” – Jessie P. – Real Estate Investor

“Since completing one of Rachel’s live programs, I’ve captured different elements of myself, love, business, family dreams, and desires. During the program, I created my relationship Tote-a-Vision dream board. In less than six weeks, I went from having no one in my life to meeting so many wonderful men, one of whom is now my fiancé. My girlfriends are amazed at me, going from zero to hero in such a short period of time. I’m amazed at the results that I’m getting in my life. I highly recommend this program or anything that Rachel teaches.” – Felicia G. – Administrative Professional

“I utilize the information from Rachel’s Mind Your Vision program and practice it daily in my life. As a teacher, I implement the same practices in the classroom and I’ve seen the students transform their attitudes about how and what they can do to reach their dreams and goals. We use the Tote-a-Vision in class to keep everyone focused on our goals. – Maugliest S. – Middle School Teacher 

“As an entrepreneur, I face daily challenges in growing my business; the biggest challenge all entrepreneurs face is doubt, fear, and discouragement.

The Mind Your Vision to Freedom program provides support for every challenge, through the simple, step-by-step modules and workbook, the physical reminder of the Tote-A-Vision that I carry with me daily, and especially through the unflinching, “unshakeable faith” of Rachel Moore.

The Mind Your Vision to Freedom program helps me stay focused on achieving my life vision; it’s a complete system that anyone with a dream needs to succeed.” – Diane W. – Entrepreneur – The Deal Fairy

“As an entrepreneur and a single mom, I’m amazed at what manifested in my son’s life in less than three months of the two of us taking Rachel’s Mind Your Vision live program. We learned several valuable goal setting techniques that we now consistently apply in our life. Some of the very same information we learned is within the Tote-a-Vision Financial Freedom workbook. We have made our Tote-a-Vision dream boards with journal apart of our daily lives.

My son wanted to attend a specific private school and the money came almost out of nowhere. He received a paid-in-full scholarship to attend THAT school. He also wanted to learn how to scuba dive and the special for lessons just showed up in my inbox. And lastly, I’ve applied the specific goal setting techniques and my business is growing by leaps and bounds. All I can say is get with the program! It works!” – Tarcia T. – Anti-Aging Specialist