D’s in Your Destiny Bookmark (10 Pack)


Tote-a-Vision – the Portable Vision Board



The tote-a-vision™ is a clear transparent vinyl sleeve with a large pocket opening on the top edge to insert your vision boards. It includes a customized white poster board, journal, and How-to Diagram. Refer to the “how-to” section for instructions on how to create a portable vision board as well as ideas on the different themes to consider for your vision boards.  Visit the Vision Board Gallery to view Creations by others.

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Product Benefits:

  • Create your portable vision board with ease
  • Easy to create multiple vision boards
  • Carry with you and reflect on your vision daily to reaffirm your desires
  • Track goals, ideas, milestones, achievements inside of the journal
  • Your Tote-a-Vision becomes Your Personal Inspirational Guide to Life

Product Features:

  • Portable and easy to carry, visual representation of your vision, dreams, and goals everywhere you go.
  • Provides protection for your dream boards inside the clear vinyl protective sleeve
  • The vinyl sleeve fits comfortably around a traditional composition notebook as a book cover.  Now you have a place to journal and write down your vision, dreams, and goals. Your vision board becomes the cover of your journal.
  • Easy to interchange your different vision boards


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