Mindset Makeover Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of your 21-Day Challenge

Lesson 8:  Alignment

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Lesson 8 – Alignment

Alignment – bring your words (spoke, in thoughts, and written) and actions in alignment with your desires or desired outcome.  Your thoughts affect your emotions, and your emotions influence your actions. 

Alignment means to bring into a position of agreement. Whenever agreement is present, so is harmony.  Things in your life become harmonized.    Are ALL of your words in agreement?

How familiar are you with the following statements?

  • There is power in agreement
  • A three-fold cord is not easily broken
  • There is life and death in the power of the tongue

All of these statements are speaking the truth and should not be taken lightly. Your words exist in 3 dimensions.  Your spoken words, your written words, and your words in the form of thoughts.


If you haven’t already, write down your goals for this year.  Then, read your written goals aloud.  Lastly, think about what could possibly be some next steps to take to reach each goal.