Welcome to Day 21 of your 21-Day Challenge

Lesson 21:  Applaud and Aim

Lesson 21: Applaud and Aim

Welcome to our final day of the Mindset Makeover Challenge.   Give yourself a hand!  You have completed the 21 days and have given yourself a fresh start and new outlook on life.   I encourage you to review each lesson as needed to stay on track.  Whenever you need a “mindset reset” the lessons and “Mind Your Vision – 2020 and Beyond” is here for you.

I applaud you!  Now Aim for the Stars!!!!

Your Vision, Goals and Dreams Awaits You!

Now, I need your help.  I would like to hear from you.  Tell me your experience and how you benefited from each lesson. I want to share your testimonial with others.

Final Assignment:


  1. Write down your answers to the questions below.  Then, record yourself in audio or video with your phone answering each question and select “Share” to send to me by email.  Also, copy and paste the questions with your answers into an email and send them to me. Details are listed on this page. 
    • When you record, state your name first, then answer each question.  Feel free to share anything else you would like me or others to know about your 21 Days
    • Note:  I would like to share your recorded testimonial to inspire others. Please take the time NOW to answer the questions and record yourself sharing. Then immediately send it to me.   Thanks

Example of Answering Questions in Testimonial

  • State your name “Hi, I’m _Joy_____.  I decided to take on Rachel’s 21-Day Mindset Makeover Challenge __to identify the causes to not staying motivated to follow through in reaching the goals that I set for myself________________.  I wanted to get ___get a new ideas to help me create new habits ___________________out of this journey.   ____And, yes, I got that and more than what I wanted from this Mindset Makeover Program. ___ ____ It totally exceeded my expectations.  My mindset and outlook are totally different now and I am so excited about the possibilities that await me. _____The top three things that I got out of the lessons were ______1. I need to make a decision and follow-through when I do. 2. My attitude and actions determine my altitude 3. I must remember to apply the methods shared for on-going success and fulfillment. ______. _______I paid only a small fee for this program, but it has been a tremendous blessing for me. And, yes, I would definitely recommend this program to others. ________ Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself in this challenge.  _______ Etc.  Please provide answers to all of the questions and add any additional comments in your testimonial

Questions to Answer in Testimonial

Note: The questions with an asterisk ( ***) next to them should be included within your audio or video recording. The other questions and answers can be emailed in written form along with the ones that you included within your recorded testimonial. Email video or audio to rachel@mindyourvision.com

  • **Why did you decide to take the challenge? 
  • **What did you want to get out of this journey? 
  • **Did you get? 
  • **Tell if you got what you wanted and if it exceeded your expectations or not.    
  • **How has the mindset makeover changed your life?
  • **Define the top three things that you got out of the lessons.
  • You only paid a very small fee for this program.  How much was it really worth to you?
  • Would you recommend this program to others? Yes or No.  If so, who?  List at least three people (name, email, and/or phone number)

Other Questions answer and send in your email:

  • What are your next steps?
  • How would you like to utilize your free one-on-one coaching session?
  • What is the best phone number to reach you?
  • What is the best day and time to reach you?


2. Share and Invite at least three people to take the 21-Day Mindset Makeover Challenge.  If you have been blessed, share the blessings. Encourage them to click this link to learn more: https://mooreofrachel.square.site/

Email Written & Recorded Testimonial

****Email video or audio to rachel@mindyourvision.com

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