Welcome to Day 20 of your 21-Day Challenge

Lesson 20:  Adjust Your Attitude

Lesson 20: Adjust Your Attitude

We all know that plans change and will require on-going adjustments, but what about our attitude and perspective?  Be prepared to make adjustments when necessary in plans, perspective, and attitude.

Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something.  Your attitude is typically one reflected in your behavior.

Let’s find out if you need an Attitude Adjustment…


  • Determine which goal or goals will require an attitude adjustment in order to achieve it.  Write them down. 
  • How will your perspective or attitude have to change to give yourself a determined state of mind?  Write down the adjustments that you need to make.
  • Next, refer back to Lesson 6 where you created a list of Affirmations.  Add a few more statements that would help adjust your attitude and perspective about those particular “stretch” goals.