Welcome to Day 19 of your 21-Day Challenge

Lesson 19:  Affix Your Attention

Lesson 19: Affix Your Attention

Today’s lesson is all about Attention.  Don’t cast your Attention to the buzzards. There will always be some kind of buzz in the air to distract you.  Gossip, social media, the news media, to the world wide web.  What’s the buzz lately?  Have you focused your attention more on the buzz rather than those things that can cause you to soar in life?

Maybe you need to put a system in place to keep your attention on task that will give wings to your goals and dreams. 

Are you ready to soar?


  1. Review your goals that you wrote down to accomplish this year.
  2. Select at least one major goal to focus on this month or this quarter
  3. Create a To-Do List each day to capture major task.  Be sure to incorporate a few tasks for the goal that you choose to focus on this month or quarter