Welcome to Day 15 of your 21-Day Challenge

Lesson 15:  Appreciate the Music

Appreciate the Music!
Part 1: Appreciate the Music – Release and Relaxation Exercise

Part 3 – Gratitude

Lesson 15:  Appreciate the Music

The next two lessons, along with this one will be short and sweet, but highly effective as an antidote to calm your mind. 

What type of music makes your heart sing?

It’s time to Appreciate the Music and relax your mind.

It’s time to Appreciate the Music and relax your mind.


Part 1: Listen to the instrumental piece that my son Jamicah created by ear on the piano.  During the music, I will walk you through a relaxation exercise to release stress from your body and calm your mind.

Part 2:  Take additional time to mentally soak listening to soothing music as needed at the end of your day.  I recommend soothing instrumental music, but the genre does not matter.  The only requirement is that it calms your mind and relaxes both your emotional and physical state.

Part 3:  Create a gratitude list or a gratitude jar.  Write as many things that you are grateful for.