Welcome to Day 10 of your 21-Day Challenge

Lesson 10:  Accountable


Lesson 10: Accountable

Hold yourself accountable. Your goals and dreams are counting on you to follow-through. Life is too short to just wish it away.  You wish that X, Y, or Z would happen.  A wish is like a goal without a deadline.

What is it that you want right now?  What is it that you wish would happen this year?  You have the ability to influence your outcome.  To lose weight is a common goal that we hear a lot. If that is one of your goals, then you must order it in a manner of importance in your daily routine.

Be your own accountant

The bottom line is you must take action to achieve any goal. 


  • Re-listen to Lesson 2 – Activate Your Faith and
  • Re-listen to Lesson 9 Agreeable Actions