Watch the Introduction video shown below first. It is less than 7 minutes long. Then, you will be ready to start the first Lesson.

Welcome to Day 1 of your 21-Day Challenge

Lesson 1:  A Decision

A Decision

Make A Decision today to follow-through to complete the 21-day challenge.  When you make a decision or make up your mind to do something, you engage your will and emotions to cooperate.  Once your mind and will are engaged, your body will follow. Make a decision today that you will complete the simple lessons each day throughout the 21 days. “A Decision” is Lesson 1.

We are triune beings, having a (Body, Soul, and Spirit).  The eyes are a gate to our Soul (encompasses our mind, will, and emotions).  Our Soul is the “Heart of mankind” and is where seat of our desires resides. Oftentimes you will hear heart and soul mentioned together.  This heart is not our physical heart.  What we see with our physical eyes influences how we think, which automatically affects how we feel (emotions); and our emotions influences our will to do or not to do something.  What we see with our physical eyes’ influences are desires and decisions. 

Assignment:  Speak aloud,

  1. I have made the decision to follow-through to complete this 21-day mindset makeover challenge and no obstacles will stop me.
  2. I am happy about my decision to change my mindset for better success in my life
  3. Making a decision to change my thoughts to have more positive outcomes is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.