IMG_1106Invite Rachel in to ignite your team to a new level of hope, possibilities, and results!  She will can either inspire your team with an Empowerment Talk, then you plan a team Tote-a-visioning party later with your team or invite her to lead your team through the creative process.  Creating a visual of the WHY in your life.  Why are you determined to make your business successful?  Define iT  and Create iT  Turn your meeting into a Tote-a-Vision party.

Below are photos from a Bill Walsh event in Nassau, Bahamas at Paradise Island

Rachel inspired the WIN University Participants in Nassau Bahamas at the Atlantis  – April 11, 2014




WIN University Participants in Nassau Bahamas at the Atlantis  – April 11, 2014

More about the Participants: 

Dan is everyone’s friend, especially children since he is Santa Claus. Dan enjoys spreading joy and bringing it with passion.  He is grateful for his wife and desires to live the good life, enjoying good wine, healthy foods seafood, and all the right stuff to get fit.  He appreciates education, understand the law of giving and receiving.  He desires to make every moment in his life count and is working towards his Ultimate Win.  Dan tells us that he has a Lexus, but desires to upgrade to an even nicer Lexus.


Iris is Dan’s wife.  She says that the excitement is in the ride!  Of course she would say that since she is Santa’s wife, right?  One of Iris’s passions is sewing and she expressed that on her Tote-a-Vision board.  The beach and nice vacations inspire her and she desires to do more.  Taking a cruise is one of her goals.  Some of her other goals include exercising to get fit,  As an entrepreneur she looks at Oprah as a symbol of success.  Iris desires to manage and delegate more to grow her business and to increase her earnings and wealth in her life by giving and inspiring others.  Both Dan and Iris desires to have a family visioning activity with their adult children to help them and their families to dream big too.

Janice desires to spend more time getting in a quite place to relax and meditate. Her plan of action to make a difference in this world is to give and feed the hungry. She desires to travel to Africa and other countries around the world; to enjoy the beautiful beaches and even take a cruise.  Janice also desires to have good health and to look and feel gorgeous. Janice is excited about sharing and teaching her granddaughter about thinking big, having vision, and setting goals.

“Ms. B” from Britain

She loves open space and desires to add more  fun stuff to her life.  She desires to become more focused on her dreams and goals and to take more action to promote her mission.  She will focus on having the right attitude and thoughts and is opened to learning new things.  She desires to find her soul mate, so she will make time in her life for dating to discover love in a relationship.  Some of her other desires includes getting her dream home, being inspired with great ideas, continuing her healthy life style, as well as experiencing freedom in all areas of her lite.


Ms. Talk of the Town”

She desires to experience the finer things in life, to acquire her dream car and luxurious jewelry. One of her goals is to speak up more  and to think outside of the box to discover new possibilities.  She desires to increase the exposure of her business so that it spreads by word of mouth or through social media and become the talk of the town.  She desires to leave a legacy for her grandchildren.  And last but not least, she desires to focus on natural health, to look good, feel good, and to do good.


Paul is ready!  He desires to continue to use his greatest asset, his brain to think and to teach others.  This also aligns with his vision for his success and mindset group.  Paul desires to experience the what may seem impossible to some and to get more of his desires, such as his dream car, to travel and to cruise the world, and to keep his body fit and super strong.  He desires to make a difference in the life of children which is the focus of one of his most recent projects.

Jeff is on point to achieve greatness and wealth because he understands that everything starts with a vision.  He also has a humble attitude and is inspired and ready to do what it takes to increase the flow of money into his life.  He and his business partner are becoming a dynamic duo with drive and passion, to accomplish the vision for their new business venture.  This business success he can choose to transition from film production if desired. Jeff wants to stay prepared, to never stop learning, and to strive for perfecting his game.  He desires to enjoy good food, but do the right things to lose weight and to get fit.  Jeff also desires to find time to reflect, to relax, and to travel the world.