Invite Rachel Moore as a keynote speaker at your school to inspire your students to dream BIG now!  Help build their self-esteem as they discover how to achieve more of what they want to experience in life, even if their current circumstances contradict what, who, when, and where they want to do, be, have, or go in life…

Read and listen to what happen after Ms. Stevens invited Rachel to inspire her students in the classroom.

7 Grade Teacher

Life Skills Class

Ms. M. Stevens

After inviting Rachel Moore into my classroom to inspire my students things began to change.  The that she spoke to my students, she asked them, ‘Who are you giving your power to?’ Then she told them to take it back. She asked them what did they want to be when they grew up and they all responded with a big vision for themselves doing something great!  Then she showed them examples of Tote-a-Vision boards created by other students and families.

What is so unique about these students is that are all classified as problem students.  My students were fascinated and intrigued with creating their ownTote-a-Vision boards. During our vision board day, I  explained  the purpose and necessity of  envisioning themselves doing wonderful things in life for themselves and others.  They were excited about the new mental pictures they painted in their minds. I encouraged them to chisel a positive image over the negative images they were accustomed to thinking.

I first started with having each student  find pictures of what they did not like in their lives. This ranged from failing grades, low self-esteem, peer pressure, and smoking to mention a few. I  then issued  tons of various magazines to each student  of various sorts; their next task was to search for at least three pictures to replace every negative image they had on the board. I was very impressed with the out come of every student’s Tote-a-Vision board. They too, loved the new visions of themselves.

Each day before class starts the students are allowed to take out their vision boards to remind themselves of how they now see themselves. I also required them use their TAV journals to write down how they will need to bring their desires to life. I see smiles on their faces that were not there before they began their Tote-a-Vision board project. I also notice grade improvements from many students. It even helps me in my career as an educator. I see first hand that students start to believe in themselves.

I wish that every school  would introduce  this  simple, yet effective lesson for students. It helps to teach students to put dreams in action early in life. Just as schools stress reading, writing, and math, I think it should be  mandatory that children start early to visualize themselves by imaging themselves doing great things. My students are toting their visions daily!  This is why I highly recommend the Tote-a-Vision as the ultimate goal setting tool.