Family Focus 2010Rachel has inspired her family to a whole new level of achievement. She introduced creative goal setting and the concept of a vision boards to her family in August 2009. She lead them through a process as each person, even her five year old son at that time, to create their individual Tote-a-Vision board.

To the left is a photo of their first Family Focus Vision Board in 2010.It was a visual of the fun and educational things that she and her family wanted to do together that year.  98% of the things on their Tote-a-Vision board manifested that year.  They continue to get similar results every year.  After you download the free eBook, check out the video with Rachel sharing the amazing results for 2015 and the year is still in motion.  If you want to accelerate the results that you are getting and begin to manifest more of your vision, dreams, and goals; Rachel teaches you how in her new training program, “Manifest More of My Dreams.”  Click the link or Special Offers tab to learn more.

Below Rachel shares her story about the results they experienced in 2010 with their very first Family Focus Vision Board.  It’s a snapshot of what she do and how she does it.  She has inspired many families to achieve their goals and dreams together.  She can do the same for you and yours.

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Rachel Shares Her First Family Visioning with Tote-a-Vision Experience and What Happened Next!

January 2, 2010 set the foundation for our Annual Family Visioning moments.  Together as a family I had my four sons help me create our “Family Focus 2010” Tote-a-Vision board.  This vision board represented all of the fun activities we would do together in this year, which actually helped us to put our family goals into visual form.  We were able to stay focused on our goals because we referred back to it throughout the year.  Some were educational goals and some was just for pure fun.

Our plan was to have at least one family activity a month.  I had the boys call out activities they wanted to do as a family in 2010.  My oldest son was responsible for writing the activities down in a list format.  Their last assignment was to search for pictures and images that represented the activities they had on the list.  After finding and cutting out the images, my task was to lay them out and paste them on the Tote-a-Vision white board.

One of the educational images on the vision board was the Tech Fair Robot.  Three of my sons who were old enough to participate in the Bibb County Technology Fair all were working on their Digital Animations projects and their goal was to all win at the Tech Fair. Another image placed on the board was of Mickey Mouse at the Disneyland Castle, which represented at least one of them winning 1st place in the International Student Media Festival which was scheduled to occur in California.

After establishing clear goals as a family, here’s what happened this year.  All three of my son’s projects, won in the Bibb County Tech Fair.  Jamicah won 1st place.  Jonathan won 2nd place and Jeremy won 3rd.  We were all very excited about the results.   Now they all had a chance for their projects to win at the international level.

The other educational activity shown on our board was the “Phoenix International Christian Film Festival.”  I wanted to expose the boys to the happenings within the Christian Film industry.  I knew that it would be a huge financial sacrifice to fly our entire family of six to Phoenix Arizona, but my heart was set and we placed it as a goal on our family vision board.  To prepare for the Festival, my family submitted three different films; a short film, a film trailer, and a product AD.

We were notified that Jamicah received a nomination for Best Youth Producer for his short film “Honesty” and that my Tote-a-Vision AD was selected to view on the Big Screen during the film screening sessions.  All of the excitement and anticipation made us really look forward to the Festival.  The airplane image on our board represented the boys’ very first major airplane ride.  I had them to imagine being on the airplane flying to Arizona.

Our trip to Arizona was more than what we expected.  We had five days of knowledge packed classes. The boys stayed intrigued the entire trip.  We took classes on script writing, video editing, digital music production, improv acting, show production, show hosting, marketing, and so much more.  While in Arizona, we also had the opportunity to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon. It was massive and so beautiful.  Together as a family we walked the trail that displayed the different types of rocks and the age of each layer within the Canyon.  We also had a family picnic during our stay at the resort. Right in front of our condo was a picnic table, grill and cabana.  The family picnic was another image that we had on our family vision board. How cool is that!

To help close out the year with a big bang, we were notified that Jonathan’s Tech Fair Digital Animation project had won 1st place in the International Student Media Festival.  Rutland Middle School along with family and friends made financial contributions towards Jonathan’s trip to Anaheim California in October.  The festival planned a special Educational Student behind the Scenes Animation Series for the students at Disneyland.  I had the privilege to take the trip with Jonathan to California.  I was very thankful for the one-on-one time with my oldest son who is now in the 9th Grade at Rutland High.  Jamicah and his twin brother, Jeremy are in the 6th Grade at Rutland Middle, and Joshua is in kindergarten at Skyview.

It is now November 2010 and as we reflect on our family goals shown on the Tote-a-Vision board, almost 100% of the activities have taken place.  We had a blast working on and towards our goals this year as a family and the hard work, focus, and collaboration really paid off!!!

Visioning or Dream Building  with Tote-a-Vision is an activity that can be adopted by other families or even schools to assist the students in setting and reaching academic, life, or extracurricular goals.  For more information about Tote-a-Vision products, visit www.mindyourvision.com

Here are a few pictures of some of the Events:

Bibb County Technology Fair  Awards

DSC00019 DSC00022



 DSCN4279 DSCN4287

Student International Media Festival Video Editing Class

Student International Media Festival

Jonathan with Students from China,

Jonathan with his Medallion award at Festival

Jonathan with Media Specialist – Mrs. Habersham


le Tour de Harvest Finish

Our family joined in on the fun and rode bikes together.  The La Tour de Harvest provided another opportunity for our family vision to manifest.  Biking was on a family activity posted on our board


At the Beach – July 2010

Atlanta Airport – Leaving for Phoenix, Arizona

DSCN4008  DSCN4026DSCN4023

On the Airplane – August 2010


Family Picnic at Resort – August 2010

Honesty Film PICFF Short Film Submission

PICFF Short Film Submission

Tote-a-Vision used for Family Goal Setting



Phoenix International Media Festival Awards Ceremony


Discovered the Salesman in Joshua at 5 years old. He sold slinkees that he got for free for a $1 to people at the festival. Here he is showing off his cash.DSCN4041