Your Destiny is Important!


The audio of “Influence Your Destiny” topic recorded on Rachel’s “Inside Out Empowerment” call.   You may Listen online or Download here.

Rachel shares a message that will empower you to take action!  Stop leaving your destiny up for chance.  Turn on your ears of understanding as she defines the significance of the “D” words in Your Destiny. Take each word and initiate them in your life. She also encourages us to proceed forward regardless of the difficulties that we might face or experience along the path in your destiny journey.

Listen Here or Download Below.


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D’s in Your Destiny Bookmark

The D’s in Your Destiny Bookmark shown list all of the “D” words that I taught on during the Influence Your Destiny lesson.  The book mark is a great reminder of what to as you journey to Destiny.  The bookmark is available in a 10 pack for $10.
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D’s in Your Destiny Bookmark (10 Pack) – $10

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