Character Pillar 6: Gratitude

“Fill Your Jar with Gratitude”

Gratitude is an expression of being thankful.  We all have many reasons to be thankful. We can express gratitude through our words and actions.  For example, if a kid says thank you for the “candy” she has received, she is expressing gratitude.  When grandparent thanks her grandchild for giving her a well-needed hug, she expressed gratitude.  If we just take time to observe what we have and be thankful for it, our gratitude jar would be full.  Whenever you are feeling sad, go to your gratitude jar and fish out some reasons to be happy.

Activity – Create a Gratitude Jar

Be sure to purchase gratitude jar supplies to have in time for activity. Below are the recommended items that you can choose from. Click items below to view on Amazon.com.

During this fun activity allow your child to use their imagination to create their own gratitude jar that expresses their personality. This a great activity to involve everyone in your family.

What Materials or Supplies Do I Need for Activity?

  • Small jars ( purchase a pack with enough for the entire family)
  • Fine tip permanent and/or waterproof markers
  • Coloring pencils for kids
  • Colorful pack of construction paper and/or shipping size adhesive labels
  • Copy Paper or colorful paper
  • Glue Stick or Hot Glue (for self-made labels out of construction paper)
  • Scissors

How to Construct a Gratitude Jar? 

Have a discussion with your family and share why you are grateful and what things you are thankful for in your life. Give everyone a sheet of paper and ask them to write down on at least 10 to 20 things that they are grateful or thankful for and to write them down as “I am grateful for…” statements, such as “I am grateful for my family.” If your child is too young to write, ask them questions and you write down their answers.

Next, everyone should cut their gratitude statements into strips of paper. Then fold each strip in half and then in half again. Place all folded strips into your personal jars. Now your jar is filled with gratitude.

Use adhesive labels or construction paper to create a personalized label. Please note: If you purchase the jars shown below on Amazon, they come with labels and string to attach to each jar.

Write the word GRATITUDE on your label. Then attach the label to your jar. Place cord to seal the jar.

How to Use Gratitude Jar?

Your Gratitude Jar is finished and ready for use. Put it in a special place where you can easily access it as desired. Then whenever you are feeling sad or ungrateful for any reason, open your jar and pull out a slip of gratitude to refocus on the blessings in your life.

Where Can I Purchase the Supplies?

You may purchase your supplies at a local retail store or click the recommended items below to view on Amazon.com.

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  • Small Craft Jars

  • Colorful Construction Paper

  • Washable Markers for Kids

  • Scissors for Toddlers and Up

  • Kid-Safe Low-Temperature Hot Glue Gun

  • Fun Adhesive Labels for Kids

  • Fancy Yet Functional Adhesive Labels with Free White Chalk Marker