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Did you know that February 11th was National Inventor’s Day?  Did you know that the month of February is also recognized as National Women Inventors Month?  These facts may or may not interest you, but inventions are an intricate part of our lives.  We see inventions all around us. You may even have a few ideas yourself that could become a great invention one day.

It was 17 years ago when I created my first invention.  Out of frustration, necessity, and a desire to keep my twin babies clothes clean, I invented the Mr. Zippy Coverall Bib.  In 2003, I received a US Patent certificate for my invention with the date May 6, 2003 stamped on it.  When I saw the patent issue date of May 6th, I was flabbergasted because May 6th is my twins son’s birthday!  My twins were the inspiration for the invention and their birthday is now my patent issue date.  After my initial shock, I thought to myself “how could that be?”  “This must be a divine sign because the US Patent & Trademark Office chose a random date to issue my patent and it just happened to be my twins birthday.

Coincidence or a Sign?  What do you think? Well, I accepted it as a sign that something great would become of that invention and not to give up on it. Now after 17 years, the bib is emerging to new platforms for greater exposure.

Be empowered to pursue your ideas!

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  Mr. Zippy Bib on Amazon

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As of January 2017, Mr. Zippy officially became a registered brand on Amazon.  Please help me celebrate by sharing the news with family, friends, co-workers, and others.

Select the link below.  Search for “Mr Zippy Bib” on Amazon.com.  Seven different fun prints of the bib will appear.  Select a bib to view details, then scroll down and select “Description” to get an enhanced detailed view about the product displaying pictures of cute babies wearing the bibs as well as key product features.

If you’ve used one of the bibs in the past, add a Product Review to one or all of the bibs shown. Let others know how the bib was a clothes-saver for your baby.

Buy a bib or two for a baby in your life or to give as a baby gift!  Help us meet our 90 day sales quota.  We must sell at least 10 bibs every 30 days over the next 90 days so that we qualify for offering Free Shipping & Amazon Prime to our Customers. The bibs are being sold at a huge discount during the promotional period.

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Do you have invention ideas that you’ve not acted upon?  Why not make 2017 your year to take action in doing something with one of those ideas?  It starts with research, asking the right questions, and getting informed resources that can guide you on a productive path.  Take advantage of the Resource of the Month and get my Free Report on the “Top 10 Myths About Protecting Your Idea.” It may spark your interest and inspire you to taking a step towards turing your ideas into a reality.

Visit www.patenthelp101.com for low cost solutions to protecting your idea or invention.

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Have you ever wanted to transform how people view you or even how you view yourself? How do you want to be perceived? My guest Kathleen Audet, owner of Your Authentic Image is an image and style consultant; shared some Do’s and Don’ts to creating a powerful personal image.

Listen to “4 Steps to a Powerful Personal Image” Episodes of Part 1 and Part 2 on the Podcast or on WomensRadio.com:

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This year, my plan is to connect with you at least once a month via newsletter, my blog and/or on Facebook.com/mindyourvision. The monthly newsletters will be to provide a brief update on the happenings in my life and business, and to provide you with recommended resources.  Important tips and teachings will be listed within the Inspiration Station section of the newsletters to assist you in reaching your life matrix goals this year.

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