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Our Legacy Line of Bibs

Making Meal Time Less Messy

Mr. Zippy – The Bib with Legs and Character

Our Legacy Line of Mr. Zippy Bibs will soon be replaced. Get these while supplies last.

Full body infant/toddler bib, one coverall size with zippered legs. Mr. Zippy, is the bib with legs and character.

Crafted with a soft laminated surface for easy cleaning. This clever full-body bib protects against falling food from head to toe. It fastens at the neck and zips apart at the bottom forming legs where elastic bands secure bib legs to each of the child’s legs. Perfect for meals at home, car seat snacking, stroller riding, daycare, and restaurant meals. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and protects all that adorable clothing from spills, splatters, and uh-ohs.

  • Fits ages 6 to 3T
  • Measures 12” W x 25” H
  • 70% polyester / 30% cotton
  • Polyurethane covering
  • Machine wash; Tumble Dry
  • Made in the USA

The zipper enclosure that forms the legs can be left open or zipped closed to form a large surface that catches food and spills. The closed zipper will prevent food or spills from falling through the legs.

The Mr. Zippy bib is great for feedings or snacks in high chairs, car seats travel, strollers riding, swing time, bouncers, or for anything that requires separating the child’s legs to safely secure them. Your little one can even walk around while wearing their Mr. Zippy bib. The zipper closure at the legs allows you the flexibility of how you want to use the bib.

Our Mr. Zippy bib is the perfect clothing protection for infants and toddlers. Self-feedings can get messy, so Mr. Zippy is here for the rescue!

Zip it Open or Zip it Closed, either way, it Protects the clothes!

How to Use:

Open zipper, slide your child’s legs into the elastic strips located on the back lower portion of the bib. Press the fastener together around the child’s neck. Now your baby is ready to feed or play. As food falls to the bib, just wipe clean.

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The Cutest Customer Response

Baby Knows Best about Mr. Zippy Bib

Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel – Extra Soft, Hooded Bath Towel with Ears for Babies, Toddlers | Perfect Baby Shower Gift for Boys and Girls by Moore of Rachel – Mr. Zippy Baby Brand

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This Custom Placemat is for Children ranging from Babies, Toddlers through K5. It can be used to develop Creativity and Early Achievement Development. It’s a Personalize Placemat that has a Reusable Vinyl Mat Holder. Includes custom sized paper stock to fit inside of the placemat pocket that is located at the top of the mat. One set of free Coloring Sheets that provide object recognition for occupations and early development to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”‘

Custom Placemat for Children Kids Babies Toddlers | Develop Creativity | Early Achievement Development | Personalize Placemat | Reusable Vinyl Mat Holder

Reusable, clear vinyl, placemat for children, education, develop creativity, object recognition

Customer Reviews

— April Green of Atlanta, Georgia

I have triplets and they like to play in their food and would get food stains all over themselves. No more messy clothes since we started using Mr. Zippy Bib. We also needed something to keep them clean while dining out at restaurants. The cover-all bib really keeps them clean. The bibs that I had just weren’t big enough, but the cover-all bid did the job. Our last comment is that we love the bib with legs. I know that it will save lots of clothes! It’s wonderful!!

–Camille and Mark LaDrew of Warner Robins, Georgia

Our twins are six months old and they spit up a lot. Mr. Zippy Cover-all Bib saves my child’s clothes from becoming soaked or soiled and I no longer have the need to constantly change my child’s clothing. Feeding times are also challenging for us in keeping our little ones clean and I was tired of washing the cloth bibs and scrubbing out food stains. We like the special features of the cover-all bib, such as the snap closure at the neck as oppose to Velcro. We also like the zipper front, and right now we keep it closed while we feed them in our laps and it keeps us and our babies clean. The cover-all bib really works and it’s very easy to clean.

–Telecia Turner of Savannah, Georgia

Feeding times are the biggest challenge in keeping our little ones’ clothing clean. Mr. Zippy Bib prevents those horrible baby food stains from occurring and ruining my twin boys’ clothing. Other bibs that we have used just weren’t big enough and they didn’t have the lap power. The cover-all bib prevents stains from food that falls into my child’s lap. It is nice not to have to change their outfits after feeding. I will definitely recommend it to other parents because I know others experience the same things.

–Gina Jernigan of Macon, Georgia

Some of the reasons for needing this Mr. Zippy cover-all bib were first I needed peace of mind during feeding times. We needed something to keep our boys clean while dining out at a restaurant, and whenever my little ones get hungry while on the road, I can pass out snacks without the worry of keeping them clean. The cover-all bib covers the entire front of my little one and the car seat harness fits right through the legs because the bib has legs! The other bibs that we had were not big enough, but the cover-all bib does cover all.

–Elizabeth Brown of Lizella, Georgia

Oh, Mr. Zippy Cover-all bib worked great for us. It really worked well in keeping our little ones clean. We used them until they could no longer fit in the bib. We will hold on to the bib because we plan to have more kids in the near future.

–Jumpin Bean Mom

We are getting ready to have a little art area…
and my son WILL WEAR something to keep the clothes clean…
OR NO ART.  Not to be mean, but hello… clothes cost money! Luckily for us… Mr. Zippy – Zippy Bib is our solution!

Here is a full-body shot… Perfect to be used as a smock during art time!!! See how it covers so much?

Let me share…
Mr. Zippy is a bib that is like a normal bib…but is LONG-
It can either be zipped up to be one piece…or unzipped to cover each leg.
What makes that easy is that there is a little strap that goes around each leg to keep it secure.

Spaghetti nights no longer equal messy clothes!!!! I tried to get a few different pictures to show you what I mean…
Here he is in the high chair eating a quick snack. See how it unzips for each leg to cover the legs?