Vision 2024

Virtual Vision Board Party 2024 with Coach Rachel

Thanks for Joining our Virtual Vision Board Party!

Virtual Family & Friends Vision Board Party – 2024

You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.  This session is to get everyone started in the visioning process. 

Feel free to invite your family and friends to this creative session.

When: Saturday, Jan 6, 2024

Time: 10 AM EST

The session will last for about an hour to 2 hrs. Then we may reconvene for part 2 later that afternoon or a future time for you to share and review your new vision board/dream board/goal board.

Fill in the form below, then the Zoom Link will be sent to your email.

Reflection Questions are shown on the Zoom Link Page.

Items needed to fully participate:

  • Notebook, notepad, or lined paper for writing
  • Ink pen
  • White poster board
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Inspirational Stickers (optional)

Other Helpful Resources

“Mind Your Vision: 2020 and Beyond” is a book for anyone who has a desire, vision, dream, or goal that has not yet been realized. This book will assist you in bringing clarity, focus, and faith to multiple areas of your life. By creating a vision for your life, putting it on paper, and learning techniques to improve your thinking, you will learn how to transform your goals and dreams into reality.

Our thoughts and feelings can be our biggest barrier to attainment!

Join in on the Virtual 2024 Vision Day!