Manifest More Training

Manifest More Audio Training Modules

Module 1 – The Manifestation Formula

Manifest More of My Dreams Training. In Module 1 Rachel teaches the
Manifestation Formula that includes mindset management, mindful methods,
mastermind moments, and mind mapping.

Module 2 – The Activation Formula

Module 2 is the “A” Module – Activation Formula which includes Affirmations,
Autosuggestion, Attitude of Gratitude and Positive Attitude, Ask-Seek-Knock Principle, Assess Your Situation, Action Plan to Attain Your Goals – Review Productivity Tool as the goal-setting tool, Accountability, Abundance (the law of abundance), Abound from
Adversity, and more.

Module 3 – The NI Process

Within module 3 we will focus on the NI Process. The NI process consists of several practical elements to help you gain more momentum in manifesting your desires. The modules within this course are like building blocks; each one connects to help you build a stronger foundation to attaining your hopes, dreams, goals, and desires. Within this module, I will teach you the N-Factors and how to take it to the Nth Degree. You will learn how to live in the Now and Ignite your vision, your passion, your dream. Imagine your future to maximize your results.

Module 4 – The FE Principle

Understand the Substance Formula, Focus, Face your Fears and Put them to Rest, Faith Building Techniques, In the Flow – Open new doors for yourself – unlock your potential

Steps to Establish Your Goals – Productivity Tool with tips, Expect Your Desired Outcome, Elements of Life defined.

Module 5 – The Sweet Spot System

Success, Successful Thought Patterns create good habits, Strengthen Your Subconscious Mind, Signs and how to recognize Divine guidance, Hitting the Sweet Spot

Module 6 – Time Management

Take charge of your time – Time Management and Tote-a-Vision Techniques.