Work with Rachel

Bring a Life Coach on board and Unlock Fulfillment in Your Life.

One -on- One Coaching with Rachel

My goal is to guide you on your journey to experience life more abundantly. Individual coaching is an investment with Perpetual Rewards.

The individuals I work best with typically:

Unlocking Your Potential Through a Coaching Path

If the traits of my ideal client resonate with you, I’m confident that I can be instrumental in helping you reach your objectives. I’m currently open to new client applications, and during our initial, no-cost coaching consultation, we will delve into your coaching goals and explore how we can collaborate effectively.  You may ask: What happens after the free session?

Should we choose to embark on this coaching journey together following the complimentary consultation:

Personalized Coaching Services:

$250 for a single phone/zoom/in-person session

$700 for a cost-effective package encompassing 3 phone/zoom/in-person sessions

You have the flexibility to schedule your sessions on a weekly or monthly basis, tailored to your budget and requirements. Each session spans 45 minutes.

It’s worth noting that coaching services are frequently eligible for coverage under employers’ professional development benefits and may be applicable to FSA/HSA accounts designated for wellness. If you are self-employed, coaching expenses are often tax-deductible.

Commence Your Transformational Journey with a Complimentary Consultation”

Tailored Coaching for Your Unique Journey

  • Each coaching experience is highly personalized to address your individual needs, ensuring that no two coaching relationships are identical. Depending on your specific coaching objectives, we can collaborate to:
  • Articulate your vision for both personal and professional success.
  • Uncover your fundamental values, strengths, and priorities, enabling you to effectively harness and honor them in all aspects of your life.
  • Cultivate a self-care regimen designed to best support your goals and personal growth.
  • Address and manage any fears, doubts, worries, or guilt that may be hindering the changes you seek to make in your life.
  • Develop new, effective strategies for time management, energy management, and stress management.
  • Recognize and transform negative perspectives, patterns, or outdated modes of thinking that no longer serve you or align with your goals.
  • Deconstruct your goals into manageable, actionable steps that are substantial enough to drive progress and realistic enough to ensure success.
  • Determine the most motivating and accountability mechanisms tailored to your unique needs.
  • In my coaching practice, there are no binding commitments, contracts, or rigid schedules. We schedule sessions at your convenience, typically at intervals of once every 1-3 weeks, a structure that suits most new clients. Each 45-minute session includes comprehensive notes, assigned tasks, and is backed by a money-back guarantee.”
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