Mindset Makeover Challenge

“I wanted to increase my inner motivation and remove mental obstacles that would sideline me from moving forward. I was able to overcome mental roadblocks while working through this 21-Day Challenge. I got what I wanted and some unexpected surprises. I was able to get my Dream Job and that’s a Life Changer for me.”  – Genia

Have you ever created something of high value to share with others to try out for practically nothing and was later blown away by the astonishing results they got?

Well, that is exactly what’s happening for me right now.

I decided to compact a decade of my knowledge and experience about mental clarity, mental focus, mental toughness, and the attainment of goals into a simple 21-Day Mindset Makeover Challenge.

Here is a testimonial from one of the participants who completed the Challenge. She started out with one purpose in mind but landed her Dream Job at the end of the Challenge! Her testimonial was so long that I am posting only a snippet.

Here is another quote from Genia:

“By day 13, I really started to focus on what I wanted and amazingly, I got my Dream Job on Day 22! This program was worth more than the small fee and I truly appreciate the time you put into making this course available to me and others.”

Genia was so excited about her results and rightfully so. She got her dream job! The miracle unfolded the day after finishing the mindset makeover challenge. Everyday Miracles are at your disposal too if you can shift your mindset to a state of believing in the possibilities.

We all have challenges about how to think about certain situations in our lives. For me personally, in August 2020, I experienced a lot of weird unexpected challenges. To overcome them I had to go back to the basics on applying the very same principles that I cover within the 21-Day Mindset Makeover. My thoughts immediately shifted into a healthy state of mind. I re-focused my attention on my first invention, “Mr. Zippy Coverall Bib” and have experienced multiple miracles in my business over the past several months.

Time is of the essence and the year is progressing quickly, so don’t delay. Take the 21-Day Mindset Makeover Challenge and get more out of this year than you ever imagined!

To learn more details or to sign up, visit https://mooreofrachel.square.site/

Sample Day 1 of the Challenge

Make a decision today to start the Mindset Makeover Challenge and expect miracles to happen for you too during the 21-Day Journey!

Here’s what to expect:

  • 21 Daily Mindset Makeover Lessons
  • You’ll get a new lesson for your mindset makeover from me every day for 21 days. All are brief but highly effective.
  • Each lesson builds on the last to help you create a new habit — one simple step at a time.
  • Structured Action Steps

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