Now that virtual and online schools are closed for the summer, parents, the world over, are scrambling to find worthwhile at-home summer camp ideas and kits. Though many physical camps will not open this year, parents still want to provide academically enriching, but fun, ways to keep their child or children happy at home. 

To make matters worse, parents are already burned out from working with their child on virtual lessons, for the last 3 months, and just don’t have the time to look up different single activities and ideas on Pinterest or Google to create their own DIY summer camp at home. 

They definitely don’t want to listen to their child or children complain about being bored all summer, but what is a parent to do when regular summer camps are closed, they’re short on time, but they want to provide a quality at-home summer camp experience for their child or children.

My At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit is the solution parents have been looking for. This At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit provides an excellent at-home summer camp curriculum filled with fun activities, themed lessons and meaningful character education exercises with crafts and movement mixed in too.

What Is An At-Home Summer Camp Kit?

An at-home summer camp kit is a summer camp program, typically run by a parent, grandparent or some other adult, in which a child or children receives lessons and participates in fun activities surrounding a theme or idea. At home, summer camp kits are more commonly used in the home, and unlike regular summer camps, the curriculum, activities, and experiences are more tailored to suit the needs of a specific family or families. Even though they are for the most part created for use at home, an at-home summer camp kit can be used on a larger scale in a daycare, church, or other summer camp situation as the curriculum for students.

Why Use An At-Home Summer Camp Kit?

For this 2020 year, many parents are choosing to implement at home summer camp kits due to continued safety concerns and the desire to practice social distancing. Parents also want a more structured look to the summer and would prefer not to have their child simply watch tv or play games all day long. Finally, they want to instill beliefs, character lessons, and enrich their child’s academic, artistic, and other extracurricular talents.

What is the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit?

The At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit is a kit created to teach 12 pillars of character education and core values to children in a fun and accessible way. Each pillar is broken down, so that they can be explored by families, thereby helping children to develop important core values.

What Does the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit Include?

The at Home Summer Camp Family Kit is a comprehensive program that includes an at-home summer camp curriculum, parent instruction guide, journal sheets for each lesson, suggested schedule, and fun activities to culminate each lesson.

What Does the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit Curriculum Cover?

The focus of the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit curriculum is to help your child or children develop positive character traits. The program guides parents in helping their child or children to shape their core values with 12 important life pillars organized into fun lessons and activities.

The At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit curriculum is broken up into 12 pillars. Each pillar covers a specific character trait or core value that is essential to the current and future success of your child or children. Some of the 12 pillars include faith, love, respect, self-control, courage, having a positive attitude, and the importance of goal setting.

In each 12 pillar lesson, your children as students are guided to understand the meaning of the pillar, learn how and why it is important in their life, journal about the pillar and do a fun, hands-on or let’s get moving, activity to complete their learning on that pillar. 

For example : 

In the lesson on the pillar of Self Control, families will learn the meaning of self-control, think about how to stay in control of their emotions in difficult situations, journal about what they learned from the lesson and activity related to self-control.  During the yoga activity, they will stretch into self-control and practice ways to stay in control when things become challenging. 

Each at-home summer camp pillar is organized around a theme of sorts so that it is easy for the child or children to learn and remember the lesson. The themes and activities in the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit are fun and engaging. They will keep the summer blues and boredom away for families who are staying at home more and had to cancel summer family vacations or had their regular camp /summer plans canceled. 

Some of the fun activities that students will learn about and do include in the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit include yoga, as mentioned above), Lego building, dancing, and reading to name a few. This At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit is perfect for family bonding and to instill family values and beliefs. There is something for everyone in the kit and each activity was carefully selected to go along with the pillar being covered. 

Activities included for each pillar will help to develop the skills a child/children would need to master a specific character trait or core value.

Who is the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit for?

The At-Home Summer camp Family Kit was created with children who are between the ages of 4-12 in mind. However, the program can be modified to suit teenagers as well.

How should I implement the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit?

The At-Home Summer Camp family Kit was created with families in mind. It is designed to be flexible and to be used as each individual family sees fit. Guidelines for the use and recommended times are provided to give guidance to any families who may need it. For example, there are 12 activities, which could be spread out daily.  As a result, The At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit could be done in a span of two or three weeks. 

Also, a sample schedule could be to hold camp sessions on Mondays through Thursdays or on Tuesdays through Thursdays. This would result in a 3-week at-home summer camp.  The parent’s instruction guide, which is included in the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit will provide recommended time allowances for each segment within the character pillars, such as review memory verse (10 minutes), exploration time (30 minutes), activity (30 – 60 minutes) and so on.

Summer is not canceled. Neither is learning, character growth, or family bonding. The At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit was created to continue to bring families together, to provide a meaningful and enriching curriculum for students and to bring some fun back to summer, with an at-home summer camp. It’s time to bake up some fun!

Take the boredom out of days on end spent watching tv, playing games or doing nothing. Provide some structure and guidance to your child or children that will help them build their confidence and character and that will ultimately lead to them growing as a person. Help your child or children to learn a new skill or improve on an old one when you purchase the At-Home Summer Camp Family Kit today.