Now that the Final Results for the Ms. Health & Fitness Competition are in, I wanted to be sure to send an update.

We raised a total of $245,303.74 to help build homes for our Wound Military Veterans.  Check out the photo to see the Health & Fitness Winners and their prizes.  
Thank you once again for your Support and in Helping Me Make a Difference!

There were thousands of us who started out at the beginning of the competition.  Not everyone can be the final winner, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.  Throughout our life journeys, we experience wins and loses.  However, it’s what we do after those highs and lows will determine future outcomes.  Whenever we lose something of value, we feel hurt and defeated or even sometimes helpless.  

Within my forthcoming book “Turn Loss into Big Wins” will address several aspects of how to rebound from a loss, such as Revived Hope, how to Strategize to Win, I even share my Personal Wounded Warrior Experience and the competition became my therapy and calm project.  I also share the Signs & Wonders of Divine Guidance to help enhance your spiritual awareness.  I have put together a special package to help you win in the area of life of your choosing.

This package includes the life-changing Manifest MoreAudio package, which will strengthen your Mind and Spirit to help you Believe for More and not just settle. It also features the Special Edition Low-Carb Recipes, which is for your Body and will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Finally, the book “Turn Loss into Big Wins” will teach you to strategize your efforts and successfully Win. Don’t miss this amazing deal that is being offered for $125.  These 3 items typically retail for $250 or more.  

Big Wins Special – Now – Sept. 30th