My Journey in the Ms. Health & Fitness has ended, but my Health & Fitness Lifestyle continues on. I finished as a Semifinalist. When the competition started on June 24, 2019, there were 6000 women Nationwide competing for the Title. As a Semifinalist, there were 60 of us who finished in the top 1%. Stay Tuned. I will share more in the days ahead.

This competition truly stretched me out of my comfort zone, into sharing my life and experience with others on a whole new level and on a more frequent basis. I have so many life lessons learned and stories to share from this Journey. During the latter end of these seven weeks, the Wounded Warrior Fundraiser was used to help me through one of the most difficult Battles of my life. As I focused my attention on raising funds, it helped to subside the pain. More about my personal Wounded Warrior Experience is included in my forthcoming special edition book that is scheduled to release this Fall. The book will also include Low-Carb recipes, weight loss tips, and samples of signs and wonders from divine guidance.

New Book Coming This Fall…

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